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Chasse et Pêche Chicoutimi Écotone is THE hunting, fishing and outdoor destination. OUR
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Écotone, the largest hunting, fishing and outdoor network
in Quebec !

Founded in 2007, Ecotone now forms the largest group in the field of hunting and fishing in Canada and has more than 60 stores located in both urban and regional areas in the provinces of Quebec, of Ontario a you New Brunswick. Over time, Ecotone has acquired extraordinary expertise and offers you the best products on the market, that is to say those that have proven themselves and that all hunters and anglers recommend.

But above all, Ecotone is a place where a deep passion for wildlife and nature is shared. Our team consists of experts who are not only knowledgeable but also truly passionate. They are well-versed in the latest techniques and can recommend products that suit your needs, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor pursuits. At Ecotone, we want every enthusiast who walks into our stores to experience the same emotions they feel while fishing or hunting: excitement and satisfaction. We take pride in providing you with an opportunity to live the emotions of your passion all in one place, conveniently located near you.


What is an "écotone"?

An "écotone" is an ecological transition zone between two ecosystems. For example, it can be the area where a plain transitions into a forest. Ecotones often have a richer fauna and flora than each of the ecosystems they separate, sometimes even helping in the repopulation of those ecosystems. Ecotone, passionate about hunting and fishing, is a place where hunting and fishing come together and is filled with essential products for your outdoor pursuits.